I've had the pleasure of working with Hudson Bay on various high level fundraising projects (including the campaigns of Senator Paul Wellstone, Vice President Walter Mondale, and Senator Al Franken) since 2001. They develop a good rapport with donors and are committed to getting the best results for their clients. I receive excellent feedback from folks who are contacted by HBC. They are proactive in their fundraising strategies, efficient with reporting, and very easy to work with at every level.

Dinah Dale, Fundraising Consultant

We have successfully worked together on various fundraising campaigns and I know that when a campaign hires Hudson Bay Company they will raise more individual money than ever before. While our successful track record is more than enough reason to recommend HBC to any political campaign, I believe there is a better reason than just past performance. I know that when I use Hudson Bay Company, I'm getting the best quality callers in the business, who are well trained, paid a competitive wage, and, most importantly, are personally passionate about the issues we work on.

Brian Mikkelsen, NSEA Government Relations Organizer

HBC staff have been creative, responsive, direct and resourceful, not to mention determined to make this work. I have always felt confidence in Hudson Bay's vision that the partnership would pay off for everyone, by increasing 9to5's visibility, public education, membership base and income.

Cindia Cameron, 9to5 National Association of Working Women

Thanks for the calls. We won our corporate reform battle! The D.C. staff believes the calls tipped the scales with several legislators. This is possibly the most profound policy work we have done and you guys helped. Thanks a bunch.

Greg W, Government Accountability Project

We were calling members of environmental groups and offering to patch them through to their representative's voice mailbox. Because the voicemail systems couldn't handle more than 25 phone messages, we had to carefully manage many small list segments. They did an excellent job on a difficult project. Hudson Bay managed the complicated technical aspects perfectly, and got back to us every morning with results from the previous night's calling. The best news is that Hudson Bay's callers were able to get 49 percent of the people contacted to agree to an immediate patch through call, smashing all our projections. Incredible! And by the end of the legislative session we had won the votes we needed to pass our priority legislation in a very challenging political environment.

Carrie Doyle, League of Conservation Voters Education