Services & Technologies

Phone Canvassing & Fundraising

Our phone center provides organizations and campaigns with valuable communication to constituents. We are the best in the business at training and educating phone canvassers and are well known for the high quality of our calls. We're all about substance. Through our ongoing training process, coupled with articulate, intelligent staff, we achieve the best results.

Door to Door Canvassing & Fundraising

We are the premier company in the country for raising money and recruiting members for progressive organizations. We can help you build a door-to-door field canvass or improve an existing one. Through our network resources, we will help locate a canvass director to start your project and provide ongoing field management support while local managers are recruited and trained. Ongoing support is provided by experienced regional directors who will be in touch with your operation daily and make frequent trips to your offices to support the canvass.

Voter Identification & Get Out the Vote

Our callers excel at voter identification, volunteer recruitment, and persuasion calls. We can relate to constituents on various levels to represent a candidate or campaign position in a concise and understandable way.

We remind voters about an upcoming election, communicate why a client's candidate is the best, and ask if they will be voting. We have even helped arrange rides to the polls! In close races, the number of people we have contacted in just a few days has made the difference that got our candidate elected!

GOTV calling to members of an issue-based organization has a great deal of clout. Studies show that information about a candidate or initiative received personally from a trusted source (i.e. an organization of which the person is a member) has more influence on opinion than paid advertising or any other media. This is what our GOTV work provides.


For the past few years, we have been building our expertise in polls and surveys. Meaningful polling data starts with quality personnel, and Hudson Bay's penchant for hiring bright, insightful callers makes us a good choice for live polls. We can also conduct electronic polls and surveys.

Patch-Thru Calling

Elected officials want to hear from real people, and Hudson Bay Company builds the bridges of communication. We provide cost-effective support to help organizations influence voting on legislation or policy decisions. Our canvassers contact members or constituents and let them know about a critical, time-sensitive issue, and ask them to make a quick call to their elected official. We can also patch calls through directly to the targeted official.

Patch-through calls provide a strong impact for very little cost. This type of activity adds to the organization's credibility and is empowering to its members.