Competitive Advantages


We draw our personnel from a university community. Our callers are carefully selected, articulate, well paid, and thoroughly educated on the candidates, campaigns, and issues. The work atmosphere is always upbeat and energetic because our callers enjoy the diversity of our work.

In our commitment to effective staff development, we conduct annual training seminars for managers and directors. In addition, we hold national conferences, which combine seminars on issues and campaign strategies with workshops on advanced skills. These training efforts keep our staff members educated and energized to work effectively for our campaign activities.

The quality of our callers is in part a function of our relatively low turnover, resulting in a high percentage of long-term, experienced employees. We attribute this to a high manager-to-staff ratio (1 manager to 15-20 callers) and the fact that we pay competitive wages and offer callers opportunities to increase their income levels. Although they are part time workers, we provide benefits for employees that include vacation pay, sick pay, health benefits, 401K, and profit sharing. We offer advancement opportunities internally and also place some of our callers in internships and career positions with client organizations. Our individualized training process and high management ratio create an environment of mutual support and goodwill.


Hudson Bay Company uses the most advanced technologies available. We have written our own software interface which allows us to generate custom reports to meet special campaign reporting needs. We can deliver everything from sophisticated analyses of our communications efforts to mail pieces, patch through calls and action alerts, as well as routine database services.


Our services are always competitively priced. Our cost structures are fully transparent with no hidden costs or surprises. We offer a variety of options so we can find a model that will best achieve campaign objectives.